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Top 5 Bluetooth Earphones with Bone Conduction (2024) Under 3K

Bluetooth Earphones with Bone Conduction

This simple technology has recently begun to influence earphone technology and has developed a novel way for the transmission of sound. This advanced method enables the sound to be passed through the bones of the skull to the inner ear without the sound going through the eardrum. This not only creates a fun approach to listening, but also has several advantages, such as being useful if one hikes or bike rides, or if the listener needs to be alert to the surrounding environment.

Why Choose Bluetooth Earphones with Bone Conduction Technology?

Bone conduction earphones have gained popularity due to their unique advantages:

  • Awareness and Safety: Unlike other bluetooth earphones that fully cover the ear canal, this technology does not obstruct the canal to create music from sound vibrations specifically for the bones; however, users can still hear environmental sounds like traffic noise or other people talking. They make activities such as running or cycling safer when carried out outside.


  • Comfort: To compare with other earphones, the bone conduction earphones have no problems fitting in the ears and putting pressure on them for several hours.


  • Suitability for Various Activities: As for sports and fitness, bone conduction earphones do not request to be changed or adjusted during various activities as they are secured in place; they are also normally sweat and water-resistant, which further contributes towards their longevity.


  • Audio Quality: Normally, bone conduction bluetooth earphones are not as bass impart as in-ear headphones Hence, the developments in technology have made bone conduction popular for daily use.

Bluetooth Earphones with Bone Conduction Technology Under 3000

Here’s a detailed look at the top 5 bone conduction earphones available under 3000, highlighting their key specifications in the specified order:

1. pTron Tangent Impulse Safebeats Bone Conduction Wireless Headphones


  • Water and Sweat Resistance: IPX5 Water-Resistant
  • Battery Life: Up to 10 hours on a single charge
  • ENC Technology: No
  • Built Quality: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)
  • Wireless Connectivity: Bluetooth V5.3 with 1-Step Pairing, 10 meters Strong Wireless Connectivity, Dual-Device Pairing
  • Sound Quality: Large 13mm Dynamic Drivers for Immersive Stereo Sound

The comfort and safety of the pTron Tangent Impulse Safebeats Open-Ear Wireless Headphones are priorities in its design. Weighing just 16 grams, they rest gently on the outer ear, preventing pressure and damage to the eardrums. With IPX5 water resistance, they are ideal for workouts and outdoor activities. Enjoy up to 10 hours of immersive stereo sound, enhanced by Bluetooth V5.3 connectivity and dual-device pairing.

2. HobbyOne 2024 Ear Cuff Bone Conduction, Bluetooth Earphones


  1. Water and Sweat Resistance: IPX7 Waterproof
  2. Battery Life: Not specified
  3. ENC Technology: Dual microphone noise-canceling technology
  4. Built Quality: Lightweight design (4g)
  5. Wireless Connectivity: Bluetooth
  6. Sound Quality: High-performance microphones

C7 earphones for instance, from HobbyOne are light, comfortable to wear and come with secure ear cushions. They bear the IPX7 level of waterproofing, which means you can use them for heavy workouts or any events under the open sky. High-performance microphones ensure clear communication, picking up the speaker’s voice effectively even in noisy environments.

3. Noise Pure Pods Wireless Open Ear Earbuds with AirWave™ Technology


  1. Water and Sweat Resistance: IPX5 water resistance
  2. Battery Life: Up to 80 hours
  3. ENC Technology: Quad mic with ENC
  4. Built Quality: Polycarbonate (PC) material
  5. Wireless Connectivity: Bluetooth v5.3
  6. Sound Quality: 16mm neodymium dynamic drivers

The Noise Pure Pods are aimed at being comfy and effective and they come with AirWave™ to generate high-quality spheres of sound and a detachable Pure Band for fitment. It provides longer playing time and fast charging, which suit it well for prolonged use, or with active users.

4. pTron Zenbuds Evo X2 Pro Bone Conduction Open Ear Earphones


  1. Water and Sweat Resistance: IPX5 Water-Resistant
  2. Battery Life: 60 Hours
  3. ENC Technology: TruTalk ENC technology
  4. Built Quality: ABS material
  5. Wireless Connectivity: Bluetooth v5.3
  6. Sound Quality: 14.2mm dynamic driver

Zenbuds Evo X2 Pro earphones smooth by its pressure-free design and enhances talk quality with quad-mic technology where it belongs to pTron. They have touch controls, and they support fast charging; therefore, are ideal for sporting activities, working, or any outdoor activity.

5. Shark – Dare to Discover Bone Conduction over ear Headphones


  1. Water and Sweat Resistance: IP55 rating
  2. Battery Life: 10 hours of playtime
  3. ENC Technology: Not specified
  4. Built Quality: Plastic material
  5. Wireless Connectivity: Bluetooth v5.3
  6. Sound Quality: Enhanced bass with bone conduction technology

Over-ear shark conduction Headphones are designed for consumers who are constantly on the go and require cosy headphones for their workouts. They are designed with O.E. ears, which allow for easy ventilation for breathability and prevent excessive heat buildup. An IP55 rating makes them fairly safe against blowing sweat, spillage, or even rainfall, making them fairly useful in a variety of climates.  3, so that the user can listen to music non-stop during workouts, jogging, biking, or exercising at the gym. They have a battery that gives the console 10 hours of gaming time and features fast charging that makes a console give 1. Five hours of using it with just 10 minutes of charging. The bone conduction technology improves the sound quality and with better bass, these are perfect for a perfect workout session.


Aside from comfort, durability, and sound quality, preferences must be taken into consideration when choosing bone conduction earphones. All of the earbuds mentioned above have special qualities and are made for individuals with different lifestyles, from active ones like athletes to passive ones like everyday commuters. Whether it is about battery life, nobody wants their earphones to die in the middle of gaming or gym or bass that can make you pop with excitement or durability. Nobody wants their new earphones to break so easily; there exists a perfect bone conduction earphone under 3000 rupees.