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Best Earphones Under 500 Wired in 2024: Price Review India

Earphones Under 500 Wired


Earphones Under 500 Wired available in the year 2024 are equipped with customizable presets, and they deliver decent sound output for gaming, music, and movies. In this article, we’ll dive deeper into analyzing the five products under Rs. 500 that offer an impressive combination of features and quality.

ZEBRONICS Zeb Buds C2 Wired Earphones


ZEBRONICS Zeb Buds C2 wired earphones hold the 3rd position, and they have high and low volume control, a 10mm audio driver, braided cable, and 3. 5mm audio jack. For some models, there is even a Type C connector for headphones with no 3 and so on and so forth. The high-quality audio was offered through 3.5mm jack which is cheap yet effective in delivering impressive performance.

JBL C50HI, Wired in Ear Headphones


JBL C50HI Wired in Ear Headphones equip you with the latest in noise cancellation technology, providing crystal clear sound and featuring a metallic coating. This product also includes a one-button multifunctional remote made of gold-plated material along with 3 strips. The strips are internal, combined with a 5mm audio jack and the device’s light weight. The relative cost combined with a manufacturing warranty of up to one year gives them the elegant appeal of being cheap products with a quality feel to them.

Realme Buds 2 Wired Earphones

Realme Buds 2

What sets realme Buds 2 Wired earphones apart from the rest is its sound performance, and its audio functionality as Realme wired earphones come with a premium braided cable, deep bass sounds, volume control, 11.2 mm wired cable, and following features: NFC, 3.5 x 5mm audio jack, noise cancellation, and one year warranty. They have the best of features and performance puts them right on top of this bracket for Rs. 500.

Best Wired Earphones Under Rs. 500 with Type C Connector

These products come with a metallic aluminum body and a cheap plastic material, which is sufficient in quality compared to the price. With deeper bass, 2 meters braided cables, inline microphone and control button for volume, the products come in a host of colorful variants to suit the user length requirements. 

Good Sound Experience and Premium Design at Affordable Price

These earphones come with metallic ear tips for matte finish design making them look , Feel even more classy. The gold-plated 3.5 mm Audio Jack, Lightweight Construction, Inline Mic, 10mm apex drivers help deliver a clear, quality sound to meet the need for performance and style while keeping it affordable.


In sum, the wired earphone brands available for under Rs. 500 in the year 2024 provide the consumer with several choices that they can select based on the usage without thinking of quality as a major factor. Every its design and hardware allude to metals while, in terms of audio, these earphones deliver substantial bass or variable control at a low price.