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Top Wired Headphones of 2024: Best On Ear India

Top Wired Headphones

Sony MDR-ZX110A Wired Headphones Review: 

It is time to get acquainted with the Sony MDR-ZX110A headphones – one of the leaders on the market of wired headphones for the price less than 800 Rs;

Sony MDR-ZX110A

Unwrapping the Sony MDR-ZX110A

In terms of packaging, the unboxing of Sony MDR-ZX110A comes across a simple packing surface which is not typical of Sony brand. In English as well as Chinese, they comprise a user manual that will be helpful for you to operate the device properly.

Design and Build Quality

Designed in black and white color options, this Sony uses fiber material as the primary frame material to enhance durability as well as reduce the overall weight. For flexibility and durability, the headphones are very freeing, however the build quality, though adequate, may not always be fused with the best materials.

Portability and Sound Quality

Despite being wired headphones with a 3.5mm plug,  the Sony MDRZAx110A comes with foldable features making it portable and suitable for travelling. The drivers used in these headphones are 30mm ensuring users are able to enjoy music for general-purpose use such as online classes, where the bass impact and volume may be slightly lacking.

Online Classes and Meetings

It is quite comfortable for longer hours which makes it ideal for use in virtual meetings and even classes through video conferencing platforms. But there are no rich output and input jacks for sound and a built-in microphone for call functionality which may hamper them in delivering better quality sound in calls or zoom meetings and conferences etc.


Therefore, the product can be characterized as having reasonably good constructiveness, comfortably sized headphones, and acceptable sound worth for the given amount of money. As much as they may lack bass levels and other protoned features, they are ideal for general use and short term sound requirements.